I woke up one morning and had a dream... Could I own every single issue of Detective Comics, Batman and all of the other subtitles in the Gotham universe?
Insane? Stupid? Inspired?
This can only end in obsession and financial chaos.

Finishing The Batman Quest

The Batman Quest (in all its hideous glory)

This is my wish list, or maybe I should call this my Bat-List...

Anyway, to complete The Batman Quest, therefore completing the project, I have to get the following titles. Please remember that for me the cut-off point for these books will be the great DC Reboot of August 2011, because if they are closing the door on the numbering system then they are allowing me to escape.

Title                                                                     Issues
Batman (1940)                                                         713
Annuals (inc 1million+ Issue 0)                                  30
Detective Comics (1937)                                          881
Annuals (inc 1million+ Issue 0)                                  14
Shadow of the Bat                                                   94
Annuals (inc 1million+ Issue 0)                                   7
Legends of the Dark Knight                                   214
Annuals (inc Issue 0)                                                  8

Batman Chronicles                                                  23
Batman Confidential                                                54
Batman: Gotham Knights                                        74
Batman Incorporated                                               10
Batman and Robin                                                   26
Batman: The Dark Knight                                        5
Batman: Streets of Gotham                                     21

Batman Family                                                       20
Batman & Outsiders [volume 2]                               26
Anarky [volume 1]                                                    4
Anarky [volume 2]                                                    8
Azrael [volume 1]                                                    100
Annuals (inc 1million)                                               4
Azrael [volume 2]                                                     18
Batgirl (2000)                                                          73
Annual                                                                      1
Batgirl [volume 2]                                                     6
Batgirl [volume 3]                                                     24
Batwoman                                                             1
Birds of Prey [volume 1]                                          127
Birds of Prey [volume 2]                                          15
Catwoman [volume 1]                                              4
Catwoman [volume 2]                                              94
Annuals (inc 1million+ Issue 0)                                   6
Catwoman [volume 3]                                              82
Gotham Central                                                       40
Gotham City Sirens                                                 23
Harley Quinn                                                           38
Nightwing                                                                 153
Annuals (inc 1million+ Issue 0)                                   16
Robin [Mini Series]                                                    15
Robin (ongoing)                                                       183
Annuals (inc 1million+ Issue 0)                                   9
Red Robin                                                                26

Total Number of comic books needed to complete The Batman Quest
= 3341

Of course, there will be some ground rules that I will set myself (which I will promptly ignore as I flip-flop, through the exercise). They are:

1.Once a title is completed, after announcing on the Blog, I am able to sell the set. (This helps me afford the more expensive titles and helps reduce the number of comic book that I have to store at any one time).

2.Nothing beyond DC's renumbering of all titles will count towards the completion of the Quest. Yes, I know it is inevitable that when 'Tec approaches 1000 they will revert to the numbering. However, if the blighters at DC cared that much about the numbering then they'd keep them going as it is.

3.As long as the comic is in, what I consider to be, 'reading condition' then the issue counts in the Quest.

4.I am able to add titles to the Batman Quest, should they be important enough to the Batman Universe. However, when on the list, they must be completed.

5.Batman appearances in DC Team books like Justice League do not count in The Batman  Quest.

6.Robin, or Nightwing and other minor Gotham characters, appearances in DC Team books like Team Titans will not count in The Batman Quest.

7.Batman cameos in other character titles do not count in The Batman Quest.

8.Other Batman one-shot and mini-series do not count towards the Quest. Regardless if they are 'continuity' or not, they will be considered a bonus to the collection rather than an essential part of it.

9.Google adverts are allowed on this Blog in the same way Charles Atlas adverts appear in comic books. These things may even help me subsidise this endeavour (so please click on them as I get money).

10. Absolutely, No Time Limit, as long as I'm breathing this collection will continue.