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Monday, 18 July 2011

The Quest Starts Stalking The Huntress

And so this Batman Quest is bigger again.

When you are collecting a family of comics, you have to put in a bit of research. Well, I thought I had done enough and then I noticed that there was one character that kept popping in and out of the main comic books, and I had been blatantly ignoring her. It appears that I'm not the only reader either, this is a character that has never achieved any measure of love from the main readership of Batman. This is something I'm having to get to the bottom of when I get this character's books.

Yes, Huntress...

You and I, we are going to get acquainted over the next few months... And I have a feeling that you might be the most retconned character in the history of Batman comics. However, it is safe to say you are an important character to the Gotham City world, which is why you have to be added.

The following books are, therefore, to be added to the The Batman Quest:

Huntress volume 1 (1989)- 19 issues
Huntress volume 2 (1994)- 4 issues
Nightwing and Huntress (1988)- 4 issues
Batman: Spoiler/Huntress: Blunt Trauma (1998) 'Cataclysm' pt.13- 1 issue
Huntress: Cry for Blood (2000)- 6 issues
Huntress: Year One (2008), 6 issues

And I know that there will be more spin-off titles to follow this addition.