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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Easter Eggs all over Gotham City

Okay, Easter Egg time.

This is the map of Gotham City that appears in No Man's Land #1.

If you want to read the entire, fascinating story of how it was commissioned I recommend that you visit Eliot R. Brown's site, as he was the evil mastermind that drew it. And, frankly, his shots of the map are miles better than mine.

A couple of things to note here, the names of all the streets, the buildings. If you care about nods to Batman's writers, artists and editors then this is a big, fat, melting pile of chocolate Easter Egg!

I'm quite fond of maps, which I'll admit is a bit strange, so I love this. I certainly love the tributes to Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench, especially as their tenure of being the key 1990's writing team in Gotham was just about ending.

One thing definitely appear to be missing: No Cauldron. This is the particularly nasty area of Gotham where, according to the 60 issue run of 'Hitman', was where all the Irish migrants moved to. Of course, it's omission begs the question: Has this map effectively ret-conned out Ennis & McRea's Tommy 'Hitman' Monaghan from Gotham City folklore?