I woke up one morning and had a dream... Could I own every single issue of Detective Comics, Batman and all of the other subtitles in the Gotham universe?
Insane? Stupid? Inspired?
This can only end in obsession and financial chaos.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Monthly Haul: 'Quiet' October.

A quiet month? It was, until an auction was finishing and I had a glass of red wine in my hand...

374, 434, 435, 708, 709, 710, 711,

Detective Comics:
753-761, 764+765, 767+768, 774 to 781, 783, 840 to 842

Batman & Robin 17+19. Thus completing this series! I wonder how many other comic buyers stopped picking this title up, like me, immediately when Grant Morrison finished his run on the title?

Assorted 'Batgirls', 'Nightwings' and other auxiliary titles. That are too all over the place to really bore you with.

I know that spending a lot of money on funny books based around a man that jumps around, beats people up and wears a cowl isn't (what's the word?)... cool. But I have to admit that I am slowly getting past a lull in the Batman Quest. Yes, I haven't blogged enough. But I work on the impression that if I've not got much to say, then it ain't worth wasting your time.

I was trying to have a quiet month this month. And that went out the window when I got the opportunity to fill out a lot of the collections holes with cheap and helpful deals. Of course, with a glass of cheapo Pinot Noir in my hand the need to expand my Batman stuff was intensified. For example all the Batgirl issues were on a 5 for £1 gig- which was incredibly attractive (at the time)! Then, I got a sniff that I was able to finish the Batman (1940) run from Year One, I thought to hell with that too... Couple of days later, I was filing the run all together, in order, and it made me think that all of this Quest nonsense was really starting to make me a happier person.

Hell, it even inspired me...

So then I was able to scratch off the Batman & Robin books off of the Quest. Then went for the missing Detective Comic titles (from the Grant/Wagner run to the finish) like a starved polar bear. And I'm pretty sure that before the dawning of the apocalyptic (according the Mayan calender) 2012, I ought to nail a few of the other large numbered titles. By my mid-November break, I ought to get the opportunity to actually read these things.

The other thing that dawned on me, that when I start taking out the later titles (and bear in mind that ever since 1989, the Batman family of titles have proliferated to a ridiculous number and I'm at a point that I think they are do-able), the real fun part of hardcore collecting can take place. And that means that I have to learn all about the pitfalls of Silver Age and, even, Golden Age comics. Which means that at some point, my rudimentary levels of grading are going to have to get honed, that and my knowledge base will have to improve. In short, I go from being merely an 'avid collector' to 'slightly obsessed'.

So, if there is a moral to this blog: Kids, don't go through the internet with your wishlist when you have access to a credit card and are slightly pissed. At The Batman Quest, I'd like to promote a sober approach to comic collecting. No really, I do.

Oh and it looks like the 'Animal Man' run is also in the bag...