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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My CGC gripe explained

CGC has created a major debate amongst comic fans. Should a select few be allowed to assess a comic, grade it out of ten, and then box it up so the comic can never be read again (unless you take a stanley knife and a hammer to it)? Or, should the comic be allowed to be read, as Jack Kirby intended?

To be honest CGC has changed the game at the top end of the hobby for the better, it insures that a VFN- copy of 'Tec #27 is actually a VFN- copy. I've been caught out a couple of times by Ebay sellers who claim that a copy of the book is NM, but when I receive the book and assess the thing, it is nowhere near NM. Although this hasn't happened to me yet, I dread the day when I spend £50 on a book only to discover that the book value is actually worth less than £10 when it lands on my doorstep.

The only gripe with CGC is that the cases are just too bulky, the bumph on the label too boring and that the case is just horribly plastically ugly. But, why does this matter to me?

If I spend, say, a grand on a piece of original art, I will spend another thirty on a frame, to make the piece of art protected and to make the it look even cooler when I'm hanging it on a wall. In short, I want to show it off in the best possible way. And this leads me to this point...

I bought this a few years ago because I loved the original book, and quickly discovered that there was an even cooler cover to the variant issue. Luckily I found it on the Bay, and picked it up. When I get to organise the obligatory Comic Room in my house this will be hung on the wall, with a number of others. The problem here, though, is that this hunk of plastic that protects the book actually detracts the power of the cover.

Basically, this blog is a plea... C'mon CGC make these slabs more stylish. The cover art really deserves it.