I woke up one morning and had a dream... Could I own every single issue of Detective Comics, Batman and all of the other subtitles in the Gotham universe?
Insane? Stupid? Inspired?
This can only end in obsession and financial chaos.

Friday, 30 September 2011

The Batman Quest: The Haul September 2011

This month the buying got out of control. Basically, I went to the Manchester Con, with one tactic: Burn as much cash as I could afford. There was also a lot of really good deals on the Bay that needed to picked up. Definitely over a hundred comics have been picked up this month, and I truly don't want to know the exact amount for fear that I might actually invoke a bit of buying guilt.

Also, I managed to get myself sidetracked, in a classic bit of impulsiveness, I decided that my collection actually ought to be enhanced with another completed series (I reasoned and justified, that it takes a really special kind of guy to try and pick up all the Animal Man books). So I went on a bit of a rampage trying to pick them up as well. Stupid, and a total waste of cash. But hey, life is to short not to try these things.

Impulsiveness. A dangerous villain to this Batman Quest.

There's definitely more than this, but these are the highlights:

Batman: 591-599, 607, 642, 654, 683, 684, 688-690, 712
Detective Comics: 510, 512, 513, 519, 538, 540, 541, 573, 802-805
Gotham Knights: 40-46, 56-58, 60-71
Batman & Robin: 18, 20-26
Azrael: 32-34, 49, 65
A shedload of Catwoman volume 2 and Robin.

Next month will be a bit more reserved and then I'm planning for another binge in November.

Well, that's the plan!