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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Buying Comics on the Internet Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Incognito Comics (click here to feel the awesomeness)... happily turning nerds into geeks since 1989.

I discovered these guys by chance, and thought I'd do a trial run at the start of the year buying a few Miracleman books. And was very impressed.

Then I noticed them again at the London Market Place Comic Mart a few months later. The lady running the stand was so lovely and patient (because of too much hardcore thrash metal, I was struggling to hear- long story!) that I was able to get a bit of a deal on a serious key book. This was just after she politely, and expertly, dealt with a rather odd, slightly disturbed social misfit (At a comic mart. Who would have thought?) who was complaining about something extremely trivial. So, these guys went from being just an impressive internet operation to being one of my favourite traders in the UK.

To give you another example how cool the guys are at Incognito, I can give you the example of the Manchester Comic Con. On the website, you will notice that they adveryise as to what events they plan to be selling their wares. You will also note that their inventory is astoundingly humongous, and it isn't cricket to assume that they will carry everything they stock to any advertised event. However, I was cheeky enough to ask them to bring an order with them to Manchester, so that I would pay for it upon collection. What was cool, was that they happily agreed, therefore avoiding the p+p costs (or shipping in Americanish). A final touch was also made, that warmed my inner retailer, they warned me as to what type of stock they planned to take to the event (which was manga), so if I wanted any more to give them a Heads Up.

I'm fully aware of the 'add-sell' at play in this interaction. But they were so pleasant at it, that I feel not a shard of bitterness. And if I was feeling wealthier, they would have had me hook line and sinker. If I felt wealthier now, I'd go mental with a credit card on the site right this second.

In short, these guys are a joy to deal with. I'd love to visit the shop.

- They have a truly wonderful website. And it works
- Grading is at play. As it should be with some of the stock they carry.
- Bruce Campbell works there ("It's a trick. Get an axe")
- Great range of stock, especially old stuff.
- The Packaging that they use is impervious to all types of man-made disaster.
- All guys working here seem to be professional and polite.

- Uh, none. Except they use polystyrene loose fill in big boxes of expensive comics. Which is totally understandable. However, when you're not expecting them in the box, and then they burst free all over the carpet, sofa and the cat you will curse (C'mon that really isn't a justifiable complaint, is it?).

There you are. As good as it gets, as far as I'm concerned.