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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Batman Fatigue... or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Hulk.

I'm sure that this happens with a lot of other collectors. But after a month of pure collecting nothing but Batman, a small amount of fatigue has developed.

This isn't because I'm collecting a lot of Batman, it's because I'm reading a lot of Batman (usually small contained miniseries, one shots and annuals to be more accurate) which in turn is creating a small amount of burnout. And this in itself creates a lot of problems. For example, as you will notice from this June's haul, I have picked up many different eras of Batman. And when you read differing eras of Batman, it can be quite a challenge to keep in mind the context the issue was written in, what the grander storyline is at play and, lastly, where the story takes place in the general Gotham continuity. So, therefore, intensifying my Batman fatigue. Too many plot lines, at too many different plot points are bound to make me think: 'why am I doing this to myself?' and 'what's the point of this thing..!'  Raarrr!!!

You see, you are following a blog, where the writer knows that something serious goes down in 'No Man's Land', and 'Bruce Wayne: Fugitive' and has can make pretty good assumptions what happens, but doesn't actually know for certain. And won't know until he's collected a section of Batman folklore and then fully read it.

Is there another way to prevent future bouts of Batfatigue? Well, I have other Quests in my comic collecting hobby on the go. And many of these quests have been completed and just sit in long-boxes waiting to be read. One of these previous Quest's was the hundred and something Incredible Hulk run by Peter David which was completed two years ago, and now I've got the opportunity read this thing. Oh, and if you want to read this run, please do so! It is totally living up to the hype as one of the best Marvel books during a period of awful Marvel comics. Moral of the story: a break from reading too much Batman is a good thing as long as its replaced by other top quality comic book experiences.

The importance of Hulk to me as a comic collector should not be understated. It was this collection that helped me hone a lot of the hunting techniques that will be utilised on the Batman Quest. For example, it was here where I first got out the beaten-up list to ensure that I didn't buy the same damn book yet again. Also, on an aside, looking back on it I'm also astounded how quickly I was able to assemble that run.

Crucially, finishing the run of Hulks. Showed me two things. One: that completing a really long run of a pretty mainstream comic in the UK can be achieved, and possibly quite quickly. Two: That with a lot of Patience a lot of fun can be guaranteed at it completion.

And now, with loads of unread Batman comics finding their way into the Batman designated long-boxes, these Hulks have now helped ease an early episode of Batman fatigue. And will help ease future fatigue!