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Monday, 6 June 2011

Great stuff...

Nightwing is really starting to grow on me. And I have to stop liking it, for the benefit of future enjoyment.

Usually when I start collecting a series (like I've got any option, since starting this thing), I will take a few tasters. I'll see if I like the style of a book to check if this would be something I could get involved with. This is a tactic that I've utilised with Marvel titles. For example, when deciding to pick up the BMB/Brubaker run on Daredevil, I bought a random complete story arc midway through the run. In that case: I tried, I liked, bought 'em all and then read the entire run in one go. Afterall, there is nothing worse than reading a run in many disjointed pieces, especially when you've made the conscience decision to complete the whole thing.

To be fair, I loved the first 12 issues that I had picked up years ago, as they were eminently readable. Now after continuing to dip in and out of the title, I have made a bold decision. I will not read another Nightwing comic until I complete the whole hundred-plus run. This is going to be tough to keep too, but good things go to those that wait!

Already I've decided what I like about the ongoing Nightwing. And I think that one of the main reasons can be captured in this one page from #33.

Cool Chuck Dixon writing, and Scott McDaniel... your art just rocks