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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Holy First Appearance!!!

This one is a second version of The Ventriloquist: Peyton Riley in Detective Comics #827

When I re-discovered the Batman books (after I was scared off them by B&R), it was Paul Dini's Detective run that made me think, hey, this stuff is still pretty special. 'Tec 827 debuts the second incarnation of Wagner, Grant & Breyfogles' original Ventriloquist Arnold Wesker (at present I haven't read or figured out what happened to Wesker).

Usually when a re-invention of a popular character is presented it is inevitable that there will be outcry by hardcore fans. Therefore, I'm sure that there was a lot of heat when Dini re-invented Scarface's other half. However, I'm also sure that this outcry was replaced with begrudging respect when Detective Comics 831 was released.

It was here that Dini used his own premier league villain creation, Harley Quinn to exact Gotham-style vengeance over the new Ventriloquist over the heathen crime of stealing another villains gimmick. And in Gotham, that is a crime of no equal. Dini, here, acknowledges that the Wesker incarnation is as important and of equal importance as Harley, but as the concept is first rate it must be allowed to continue.

Paul Dini, through this classy nod to Albert Wesker (and his creators), allows me to accept that a reboot isn't really a bad thing. As long as it is done right.