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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Re-boots and Re-set Buttons

Good news! Good News! It appears that the rumours of the Rebooting of the entire DC Universe is actually a fact. And they are going to be pressing the re-set button on the numbering also! This means that Batman and Detective Comics is starting again at #1.

True, this totally sucks if you are totally passionate about the entire DC universe. It totally sucks if that, if it is as it is being suggested, it is a rejection of previous parts of the DC history and I'm sure that more hardcore readers than me will absolutely hate this. However as a collector of a special area of this universe, this means that I can have an ending point to my collection. And that will help me retain quite a bit of sanity because it has quickly created a limitation on my collection.

The thing about embarking on the Batman Quest was always going to create a lack of original focus. And thanks to this DC reboot, my quest can be downgraded from absolute insanity to very ludicrous.

It also appears that the Morrison era on Batman will actually be a part of the definitive finish, which is nice. Apparently this has what caused the many delays on Batman Incorporated, and if there is one thing I'm sure that Morrison (and in fact, all of the Batman editorial team, including writers and artists) will insist upon is a proper ending for this Gotham continuity.

Or am I just hopelessly reaching at a conclusion, so I don't feel such a coward for seeing a way of this crazy train?!

Personally, I have little interest and inclination collecting the new Gotham for reasons I'll talk about at a later date. That said, I'll probably pick up the reboot stuff eventually out of curiosity, but this time, I'll just wait for the inevitable TPBs and omnibuses.